The Old Heart of San Francisco


The fog in San Francisco is named Karl.  Karl has his own Twitter account and LinkedIn profile.  He’s famous here, shrouding the iconic Golden Gate ‘til it’s lost in the clouds, causing the sky to glow in the evenings.  City lights trapped in the haze.

Even during mid summer, fog blowing in from the marine layer in the Pacific cools the city to an average 65 degrees during the day.  It’s never too hot and never too cold, with lows in January around 45 and highs in August around 70.  A friend living in San Francisco described the weather as “Should I take a hoodie today?  Hmmmm, I dunno.  And it’s like that every. day.”  

The west coast is comprised of transients.  East-coasters and midwesterners who wake up one morning, look at a map and say “today’s the day”.  This can be said of Washington and Oregon as…

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