A Toyota on Mars: Addendum

Sublime Curiosity

In the comments of my last car post, ECooperZone asked an excellent question that I didn’t even address. I have given myself a literal slap on the wrist for that, because it’s bad thought-experiment etiquette.

The issue is horsepower. I listed the horsepower of my Toyota Yaris’s engine several times, and then just sort of tossed it out, because it didn’t factor into my equations. After reading ECooperZone’s comment, I got that nagging feeling that we nerds get when an equation comes out a little too perfect, and we have to go back and pick through the steps one-by-one to see if we forgot to multiply by pi or something like that.

Luckily, the issue of horsepower doesn’t invalidate my whole thought experiment, because, as I mentioned in my response to the comment, horsepower and torque are intimately related. I found a concise summary of the relation here

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