This is How Academics Dress: Why Clothes Make More Than The Man

Rachel E. Moss

Serious Academic At Work. Serious Academic At Work.

Last night I sat painting my nails neon blue and pink, and idly speculated on twitter about what attire was expected of academics. Within moments I was part of a conversation that went way beyond my timeline and has continued to received responses today. You can see some of the discussion as it unfolded last night compiled into this Storify.

Academics are often made to think that caring about appearance – beyond being hygienic and “smart” – is somehow frivolous. Certainly I have received comments that suggested my interest in fashion and makeup indicate some superficiality on my part. But this issue goes beyond my white girl whining that not everyone may see me flouncing about in a 50s-style dress and appreciate that I am a Doctor of Medieval Studies and a published author. As the conversation unfolded, my perception was reinforced that the issue…

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