Hearts and Words

Carrie Cariello

Last Wednesday I made a birthday lunch for my dear friend and long-time running partner.  Around 2:00 we were all enjoying some cake and conversation when the school nurse called to say Jack had a terrible nosebleed, and asked if I could come pick him up.  I’ll admit it: I was a little peeved to cut the afternoon short.  (I was especially peeved to cut my cake-eating short.)

I bustled Henry into the car and decided to get all four of the kids at the same time.  Driving out of the school parking lot I had a brilliant idea–I would use this extra pocket of time to take them for hair cuts at the local barbershop.  They hate haircuts.  Especially, as one might imagine, Jack.  “Hair cuts?” he screamed from the back of the car.  “WORD RECOGNITION and a NOSEBLEED and HAIR CUTS?  This is the worst day EVER!” …

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