There’s an old lounge in the neighborhood that still has its old neon “Cocktails” sign glowing over the front door.  The image triggered my imagination about what went on inside the establishment.  Were there tables where laughing couples sipped fruity drinks garnished with little paper umbrellas?  Was a Frank Sinatra song playing on the house sound system?  Maybe it was a dreary place with a few old men sitting at the bar, nursing beers and highballs, sad that smoking is no longer allowed, by law.

Last November I decided to investigate the place.  I don’t ever drink and drive, so I walked the several blocks from home to the cocktail lounge.  The decor looked like something out of the 1970s.  The newest accessories were a “Budweiser” sign above the bar and a faux-neon “Miller” sign on another wall.  The full length mirror behind the cocktail-02bar satisfied my need to stereotype the…

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