Mid October Projects …Floral Friday


Somehow, my work space is crowded more often than it is clear and organized.  I suppose that’s a good thing, because it allows for more freedom of selection. In the same vein, it provides more freedom of imagination.

An “orphaned” creamer pitcher from a Frankoma dinnerware set lends itself to many other types of plantings or arrangements.  In this case, the earthy style and color of the container makes a funky home for a variety of succulents, grasses, and dried elements.

A friend of mine has been enjoying various pieces of Lustreware for awhile.  A couple of weeks ago, she gifted me a pair of charming Japanese made Lustreware mini-vases. The little pots are decorative unadorned, so I kept the floral idea simple.


With Halloween coming up at the end of this month, I think a spooky arrangement is in order already.  It’s based on a souvenir from the Winchester…

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