Is it Autism or Autistic?

Carrie Cariello

Dear Jack,

Listen, we need to talk about something that’s been driving me crazy lately.

You really need to stop swearing. I can’t take it anymore. I am so tired of hearing you say bad words all the time.

You know, like the other night when I asked you over and over to put your folder in your backpack and you yelled, “SH%$! I forgot! I forgot I forgot I forgot.”

Or when we were all having dinner together and Daddy offered you a bite of his quesadilla and you covered your ears and screamed, “F^%$ NO!”

And the morning when you couldn’t find your glasses, and I asked you to remember where you put them last, you shouted, “D@#$! I do not for know!”

It’s starting to make me really frustrated, Jack. I’ve told you a million times it is not okay to talk this way, and yet…

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