On The Path – A guest post from Helen Jones

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I am very happy to welcome Helen Jones, author of The Ambeth Chronicles – Oak and Mist and No Quarter. The third volume in the series, Hills and Valleys, is due for imminent release. These beautifully written books are listed as Young Adult Fantasy but anyone who enjoys losing themselves in a magical world can find Ambeth waiting between the oaks…

Woodland Path 2 Photo: Helen Jones

There is something about a path as it turns, the destination not yet visible, the winding way an irresistible temptation, pulling me further along. I’ve always been one who searches, my journey taking me across the world and back again to find, like Dorothy, that all I wanted was to go home.

And yet the path still beckons. I love to walk in the woods, through the dapple of light and shade, mystery dwelling under green branches. I enjoy adventure, discovery and learning new things…

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