How I Came to One-Mind – Swami Dayanand Bharati

Sat Sangha Salon

This is the story of how I came to “One-Mind.”

8 years ago I had to face that I was habitually getting slightly drunk every evening for the past 10 years , nobody would notice it was my private gig alone by myself while watching TV and I avoided to question it. To keep the discomfort of my parental conditioning under wraps, to keep away my feelings of worthlessness and meaninglessness, I got drunk a lot when I was young, it was too much to bear and deal with then I guess.

Later for many years I did not have to feel this conditioning because life was kind to me I found there was another way to live. After I was blessed with a deep spiritual experience at the age of 23 and later my Master showered his grace on me.

When Osho left his body I was lost for…

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