Boobytraps Set For Vegetarians


The food table at the “Fellowship Hall” in the Methodist Church was loaded with all sorts of tempting, homemade salads, casseroles, and other foods.  It was a hazard-zoneVegetarianMonth-01 for vegetarians. It seems like most small town folks have little or no awareness that we vegetarians live among them, so I don’t blame them for scattering food bombs on the buffet line.

At this occasion, there were a few obvious vegetarian boobytraps. Hot dishes or casseroles presented hidden tidbits and ingredients. Of course, there were pork and beans. Lurking within many creamy potato or pasta dishes were poultry, tuna, pork, or beef nuggets. I was disappointed to find a tempting broccoli salad laced with chunks of bacon.

Church buffets and family potlucks yield types of Jello dishes. We find the ubiquitous green Jello with shredded carrots.  Then there are the whipped Jello concoctions that are served as either salads or desserts.  I’m…

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