The King and I and Autism

Carrie Cariello

In high school I played the flute for both the marching band and the school orchestra, and sometimes, we traveled to perform at musicals. I think we got paid something like $20 a show, which I promptly squirreled away for my next pair of parachute pants, because I wore those nylon trousers like a boss when I was a teenager.

One year I played in the pit band for TheKing and I at a nearby school, and for three weeks, I went to the rehearsals and watched the actors run their lines and dance and sing.

In this particular production, there was a part where the a female character was held captive by guards. The actress faced the audience while the guards faced the back of the stage, and they held her arms high in the air above her head.

On opening night, something with this scene went awry. As…

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