Pangborn And Herndon’s Big Adventure


We know the significance of Charles Lindbergh and The Spirit of St. Louis in aviation history. By any account, the first nonstop, solo air journey from North America to Europe was an incredible feat. However, there was still one more, even longer, and more risky first to accomplish.  Nobody had yet flown nonstop across the Pacific Ocean from Asia to North America.

This is where Clyde “Upside-Down” Pangborn and his co-pilot Hugh Herndon, Junior enter the picture. Pangborn was a somewhat famous daredevil stunt flyer and partner in the then recently defunct Gates Flying Circus. Herndon was a well-to-do Princeton University dropout, the son of Standard Oil heiress Alice Boardman.

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The two men had high hopes of beating the around-the-world speed record that was set by Wiley Post and his navigator Harold Gatty. On July 28, 1931, Pangborn and Herndon took off from New York for the first…

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