Expectations of Joaquin

Anything is Possible!

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I expected this to be  a busier than usual weekend. Right after the Blessing of the Animals on Saint Francis Sunday, I’d be flying to Indiana to see my grand kids. I’ll still be on that plane, and I’m so looking forward to it, because I don’t see my grand kids very often, being on the east coast, but the Blessing of the Animals was cancelled.

Friday, I called Father Macgill to discuss our plans, with Hurricane Joaquin building up energy, and some models coming  to the Carolinas. I shared with him my experience of cancelling events due to impending bad weather, and then having clear skies on the day of the event. He was gracious to let it be my call, so we decided to wait and see what path Joaquin would take.

The decision was made for us, because the county parks department, our venue, decided to close…

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