There and back … yet again…

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SE Ilkley 2015 saturday (193)I finally turned my back on the newly risen sun and headed, reluctantly, for the final stretch of the journey. For the first time in days I would drive alone, without a companion with whom to share my delight in the silent beauty of the morning. In a few hours I would head off to work and then begin to catch up.

SE Ilkley 2015 saturday (75)

I have shared the past few days with companions of the Silent Eye at an informal weekend. We are now back in our accustomed places, scattered by miles, swallowed by concrete, responsibility and duty.

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But although the weekend was for the School, we had five days; we drove almost a thousand miles and walked a fair few. From the south to yet further south, then west, north and east… almost, but not quite, coast to coast. We drove through narrow gorges and over high passes, between hedgerows…

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