Dear Teachers: Where Does The Road to College Start?

Carrie Cariello

Dear Teachers,

Now that we have two full weeks of school under our belts, I thought I might crack the venetian blinds to our life with five kids, and give you a little peek inside of my philosophy about school.

I do not pack snacks. We have a generous supply of pretzels, fruit, nut-free granola bars, and pre-washed carrots available at all times. If a Cariello boy or girl comes to school without a snack, it’s because they forgot to pack it themselves.

My advice? Do not feed them from your stash. They are like adorable stray kittens—all wide eyes and pink tongues—and they will live off your emergency supply of animal crackers for the entire year if you let them have so much as a crumb.

I believe strongly in something called natural consequences.

My kids also buy hot lunch. Every day. Yes, I know, I know—the calories…

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