Tropical Haeger …Floral Friday


I haven’t done a Royal Haeger, only, Floral Friday post for several months, so why not have one for today?

The Royal Haeger bright orange 408 pitcher vase was featured in a much earlier Floral Friday. I really enjoy the style and color of it, so it gets frequent attention. This time, very long leaves dominate spiky leaves and orchids to create a dramatic effect.

Images are clickable. Images are clickable.

Today’s post was inspired after stumbling across a large, contemporary Royal Haeger vase while browsing a thrift store last month.  The style, coloring, and textured details reminded me of tropical culture.  So subtle floral highlights are surrounded by big leaves in the Royal Haeger 119-12 piece.


The medium size butterscotch “Earth Wrap” vase presented a slight challenge because I’ve always used it for Autumn themed arrangements.  This time a handful of tropical grass surrounds a trio of large bird of paradise blooms.

The house…

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