Subliminal Communication Month


It was probably around 1983 that I turned to subliminal messaging audiotapes to help me stop smoking cigarettes. I had tried other techniques, including quitting “cold turkey”, but I couldn’t make it through longer than a few hours without a smoke.  I was in desperate straits.

The first tape I bought was packaged in a small, bright green cardboard box that contained the tape, the text of the subliminal message, and listening tips. I was to play the tape each day in my car and at home for “optimal” success. There was also a disclaimer warning me that any results are varied and not guaranteed.

I eagerly put the tape into play in the car stereo.  Mediocre “New Age” type electronic music came through the speakers, but there was no discernable message that I was aware of.  During the following month or so, I faithfully played the terrible music but…

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