Why Do People Stare?

Carrie Cariello

You probably don’t remember me, but we crossed paths at the mall the other day. I was walking to my car with my kids, and you were also in the parking lot. You were shouting for your son to stop before he stepped into the crosswalk.

“Derek! Wait! Stop!”

You looked at me and snapped, “Take a picture why don’t you, it will last longer!” And then you turned to the woman who was with you—was it your sister, maybe? She looked like she could be your sister. Anyway, you looked at her and said, “Do believe how she was staring at us?”

I turned away quickly. My face felt hot. I shuttled my five kids and their five syrupy slushies into our minivan and drove away. For the rest of the afternoon, I thought about you.

I know how it feels when people stare. People stare at us a…

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