Be Kind To Humankind, Another OpEd


As the perpetual US political campaign season has heated up again, I now want to send the bevy of presidential hopefuls into a corner to don dunce caps and take a long time -out.  Every four years, the public is subjected to a barrage of egotistical meanness as (mostly) men jostle about to capture the highest governmental post in the land.

This year, the levels of jingoism, misogyny, racism, and homophobia have been cranked up to unbearable heat.  Some of the candidates advocate ever more intolerance, scapegoating, and  violence towards certain “out groups”. Even when I purposely tune out the unkind hatred, some of it seeps through anyway.  Never in my idealistic mind did I ever imagine that such uncivil, unkind speech and behavior would remain socially acceptable in this day and age.kindness-01

I’ve never lost that basic childhood feeling that unkindness is a great human wrong.  Harboring unhappy wishes towards…

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