The Encouraging Thunder Award #1

The Ignited Mind !

encouraging-thunder-awardHola people!

Been literally ages since I’ve accepted awards or even posted articles, I’ve been caught up with so many things that continuing to blog became almost too impossible, I’m sure Law students can relate, so without further a due, I’m quickly going to thank a fairly new blogger who shares similar interests with that of mine, yes, she too is a Law student and aims to be a fine Lawyer someday, which I’m sure she shall accomplish. Further, I’m only accepting this award which my fellow blogger has given me since she’s new and is also a Law student. I’m so very sorry for not accepting the awards which some of you’ll have honored me with, but since you’ll understand that life for a Law student does not come easy, I have not been able to accept the other awards. Sorry again.!

Thank you so very much Gursimran Kaur

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