Sandra Dee, a Man in a Suit and Me

Tales for Life

henri-cartier-bresson1960 henri-cartier-bresson1960

If anyone had asked me what I felt that afternoon, if I was swooning with excitement to see a local celebrity or simply out to have some fun with my cousin, Henny, I’d have said something was off, like when you first notice a weird smell in the air but don’t pay it any mind. It was as if my instincts knew something but my brain was too busy to sort it out. I was looking at the mass of people and also focusing on Henny as she sucked in her lips, then puffed them out in a bad imitation of a starlet. Aunt Margie was giddy with anticipation; Uncle Fred was standing, hidden, behind her. I aimed my Kodak camera and got my picture despite being squeezed every which way by the crowd waiting to see and hear our local bigwig.

Things can change before you blink an eyelash. I…

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