KHIVA is a “fortified oasis in the desert”.  It is a city of approximately 50,000 people located in the XIRAZM REGION, UZBEKISTAN.  According to archaeological data, the city was established in the beginning of the current era.  It is the former capital of KHWAREZMIA and the KHANATE of KHIVA.  ITCHAN-KALA in KHIVA, was the 1st site in Uzbekistan to be inscribed in the World Heritage List.

Khiva dunes

The origin of the name of KHIVA is unknown, but many contradictory stories have been told to explain it.  A traditional story attributes the name to one of the sons of Noah : “It is said that SHEM (from whence the word “Semitic” is derived), after the flood, found himself wandering in the desert alone.  Having fallen asleep, he dreamt of 300 torches.  On waking up, he was pleased with this omen, and he founded the city with outlines in the form of a…

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