Dear Adam Levine: About Your New Song

Carrie Cariello

Dear Adam,

I saw you in concert about seven years ago outside of Boston, when Maroon Five opened the show for the Counting Crows.

Ever since then I’ve really enjoyed watching your rise to meteoric stardom.

I actually have a lot in common with your lovely wife, Behati Prinsloo. We both have unusual names, for starters. I am Carrie Cariello and she is, well, you know her name already.

And we also sort of look alike. I’m probably about fifty pounds heavier than she is and my hair is a little shorter—to make it easier when I need to run out the door and drop the kids off at karate and baseball and stuff.

You know what? Never mind. We look nothing alike.

Aside from your obvious talent—just love that song Sugar, by the way—you seem like a nice person.

I wept when I read about how you stretched…

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