God’s Whisper

Anything is Possible!

This past weekend, my daughter and I attended a writer’s retreat at God’s Whisper Farm.


Located in Radiant, Virginia, the home of Andi and Phillip and their family of dogs, cats, goats and chickens, is a place where one finds peace and quiet, laughter and wisdom, a place to hear God’s whisper.

cows on hilltop

house 2

After Andi showed us to our room upstairs in the old farm house, we took a brief tour of the farm.


bench and table

goats with tree       Goats good

We enjoyed a healthy dinner and read some of our work around the campfire. That’s when I discovered fireflies! An abundance of fireflies blinking on and off around the farmhouse! I took a video with my phone. Maybe some day, I’ll figure out how to load my phone videos to this blog. For now, just know that fireflies are alive and well at God’s Whisper Farm, where I did not notice any mosquitoes.

On Saturday…

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