This is Childhood

Carrie Cariello

For my children,

Remember the other day when we were driving to the pool, and Jack was playing all of those songs by the Beatles, one right after the other? And when the song Yellow Submarine came on I told you guys how I used to listen to that song when I drove in the car with my father?

Well, at that moment, something sort of big and profound and important and funny occurred to me.

This is your childhood.

I mean, like right now. Right this minute we are making memories and building character and creating tradition and shaping your future.


I know you don’t remember the day we brought you each home from the hospital; boy, boy, boy, girl, boy—five babies in less than six years. Between the diapers and the autism and the no sleeping and the tiny fingers and toes and mittens and spit-up, it…

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