On Not Knowing

Cunning Hired Knaves

In a radio interview this morning, which I translated here, Pablo Iglesias, Secretary General of Podemos, said something that I thought was very worthwhile. He was asked how he would react in Tsipras’s position, and he said: I don’t know.

This kind of admission is not exactly a winning formula for getting elected. Quite the opposite, in fact. Political leaders are supposed to know how to act in any situation, how to handle that 3am call. They are supposed to inspire confidence, to reassure the populace that they know what they’re doing. Pablo Iglesias, who along with his party is seeking election based on the idea of a ‘government of the best’ –the brightest minds, equipped with the best training and experience- would not know what to do in Alexis Tsipras’s position.

There are lots of things Pablo Iglesias says that I don’t like very much. But I like…

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