Feel: My Thought, I-ness, Internal Organs, Me – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

Feel: My thought, I-ness, internal organs – me.

A very simple and a very beautiful technique. Feel: My thought, I-ness, internal organs – me.

The first thing is not to think but to feel. These are two different dimensions. And we have become so intellect-oriented that even when we say that we are feeling, really we are not feeling, we are thinking. Feeling has completely stopped; it has become a dead organ in you. Even when you say, ‘I love,’ it is not a feeling, it is again a thought.

And what is the difference between feeling and thought? If you feel, you will feel yourself centered near the heart. If I say, ‘I love you,’ this very feeling of love will flow from my heart, the center will be near the heart. If it is just a thought, it will come from my head. When you love someone, try…

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