Old stone and bracken

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barbrook  merlin stone beeley derbyshire  (12)

Treading somewhat more carefully than usual, we made our way up to the stone we had come to see. From far across the moor the shadowed faces in its surface had caused us to name it the Merlin Stone. From here we could still see the bearded visage on one side, but moving around it revealed a whole host of forms and faces. It also showed a worked edge to the weathered stone. Not, as it stood, perhaps an ancient stone, then… or perhaps it was something older reworked for more modern purposes? We had no way of knowing.

 barbrook  merlin stone beeley derbyshire  (16)

Later research simply called it an aiming stone… not a stoop, as such, just a waymarker for travellers. We found this a little odd, as from here we could now see several of them… all far too close together to be of any real use in navigating the moor. One thing…

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