Today Is Fool’s Paradise Day


When we’re young, we’re most likely to yearn for a better place to live than where we grow up.  In my own instance, the often stultifying, backwardness of the Midwest inspired dreams of far-away, progressive England. I daydreamed about the land of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. England also represented the chivalry of King Arthur FoolsParadise-03and his court. There were many places and people I hoped to meet.  These daydreams helped me get through many hot-humid summer afternoons.

Once, while I repeated to my best friend my England fantasy, his mom overheard me.  She smiled and told me that I was living in a fool’s paradise and that because I was still young, my daydreams were pretty harmless.  Someday, though, reality might break my heart.

When I finally did manage to travel to England, I had an immense amount of fun and felt a strong sense of wonder. I…

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