Bhagavad Gita: What is Real



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The Real is imperishable 

Pervades all, and inexhaustible

That none can destroy

Krishna talked about the difference between Real and unreal in the last verse. He said the unreal does not exist, the real alone exists. Shankara and Vedanta call the unreal maya or roughly translated illusion. There is no real equivalence to the Sanskrit term and concept maya in any other language. Maya is about that which exists in the gross body state or sthula sareera state, sometimes even at higher levels of mind body states such as sukshma sareera and karana sareera, the subtle and causal states, but does not exist at highest level of nirvana sareera, the disengaged Fourth State of awareness. Perhaps at another time I can go into details of sareera and kosha states as related to mind body and how to move to the mind body less…

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