Look, Ma, No Teeth: the Rise of Podemos

Cunning Hired Knaves

1940 Marx Brothers in Go West

This is a translation of an article by Isaac Rosa, published 10th July in eldiario.es, charting the current course of Podemos.

To storm the heavens, Podemos’s founding core understood from day one that they had to be light, gassy even, to rise quickly to those heights never reached hitherto. So, they had to get rid of all the ballast their analysis told them had prevented the “old” left from lifting the balloon any more than a few metres off the ground. There were tethers that had to be cut, weight to be jettisoned, so they could rise up and reap the new wind blowing in their favour.

So they started off with daring decisions that surprisingly spurred the cockpit upward: free from organisational binds (they weren’t going to be a conventional party), free from ties to the old politics, free from being moored to the banks for funding, without…

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