Sliced Bread


If you have ever baked bread, you know there are a couple of problems with the finished loaf.  It’s difficult to neatly, evenly cut it into slices and once it’s sliced the bread becomes stale more quickly. These might seem like mere frustrations for the home baker, but they’re very serious problems for the large-scale production of bread by a commercial bakery.

Otto Rohwedder Otto Rohwedder

Ever since loaves of bread were baked for public purchase, bakers didn’t really give any thought to providing pre-sliced bread to their customers. People simply brought bread home, then sliced it as needed.  This was just the way the business worked until a jeweler/inventor from Davenport, Iowa pondered his daily bread.

Otto Rohwedder was born to Claus and Elizabeth Rohwedder on July 7, 1880. He attended public school in Davenport and was an apprentice to a local jeweler. He then attended Opthalmology and Otology school in…

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