5 days to go!

A dash of Pepper...

– Before I can be with Mint again.

– Before I can breathe the familiar Bay Area air.

– Before I get a much needed break.

Before I soak in a luxurious bath tab.

– Before I dig into my Chipotle burrito bowl. And take in the deliciousness of their guacamole.

– Before I have access to all my old favourite restaurants. How much I have missed you!

– Before I meet my old friends.

– Before I meet some new friends.

– Before I meet my cousins and some family.

– Before I get to stock up on my favourite supplies. Read original Sriracha.

– Before I start haunting Trader Joe’s like a mad woman.

– Before I splurge on unnecessary things. Did you say that jacket will be too hot for Mumbai weather?

– Before I get to unwind all by myself. All day, through out…

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