Thinking About Comfort Zones


The first time I ever saw the phrase “Comfort Zone” was on the old thermostat for the furnace in my old apartment. Since then, I usually first associate “Comfort Zone” with heating and air conditioning and not the way it is used in popular psychology.Comfort-00

I came across the term the other day on Facebook. A quote by John Maxwell was on a picture of a kitten (of course). It said, “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” This triggered my mind to contemplate comfort zones.

I’m of at least two minds about comfort zones and “growth”. I agree that stretching our boundaries and trying new things are constructive, helpful lifestyle choices. On the other hand, it seems like many people have an unhealthy Comfort-01obsession with “growth” and condemnation of comfort zones.

By definition, human beings are warm-blooded, living organisms. In high school biology…

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