The Silver Cord


By Alison Caiola

I invited author Alison Caiola to answer some interview questions, and am extremely happy to offer you this insight into her writing.  Thank you for joining us today, Alison.

The Silver CordWhat is the premise of The Silver Cord?

The Silver Cord is Book Two in The Lily Lockwood Series and takes place two years after Book One, The Seeds of a Daisy, ends. Popular actress, Lily Lockwood, is still reeling from her mother’s tragic car crash, but as the readers will see, Lily, now a mother, has grown immensely. She no longer is the same dependent young woman she was in The Seeds of a Daisy. Surrounded by her supportive and hilarious group of friends she is moving forward in her life; she appears self-confident, is a terrific mom, and, her career is on a bullet-speed trajectory. No one would guess that Lily is wracked with…

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