How Autism Affects a Family

Carrie Cariello

To my middle child,

There is a lot of debate about how birth order affects your life; everything from your personality, your temperament, even what you choose to do for a living.

See, the middle child is not the oldest, and not the baby. They don’t get the freedom of the first-born, or the love and adoration of the youngest.

A lot of the books say the middle child feels left out, or isolated, or has trouble finding their niche within the family.

Others say the middle child will play peacemaker, or become a loner, or misbehave to get attention.

You, my middle son, have been especially dealt a rough hand by the deities of birth order. Smack in the middle of five kids, you are bookended by Jack—an older brother with autism on one side—and on your other side is Rose, our only girl.

Next to Rose…

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