Goebbels A Biography (Review)


Goebbels-01“Are you reading another book about Nazis? What is it about you and radical right-wingers these days?” Jorge rapid-fired these two questions at me after he glanced at the cover of the latest biography I checked out from the Norfolk (Nebraska) Public Library.  Jorge, quickly flipped through a few pages then noted that the book “at least has some pictures. Let me know when you finish it.”  I promised that I’d let him know when I’d review it on my blog.

After Jorge left the house, I settled into my easy chair with Peter Longerich’s Goebbels A Biography. It’s the American version of Longrich’s original volume, in German, published in 2010.  For many of us who are fascinated by Modern European History, the book was worth the wait.  As professor of modern German history at Royal Halloway University of London, Longerich’s research into rarely accessed writings of Dr. Joseph…

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