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Laura Sefton Laura Sefton

Laura Sefton is a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham.You can follow her on Twitter @laurajsefton.

As the Modern British Studies conference quickly approaches, we are excitedly finalising the details of the postgraduate workshop scheduled to take place on the first morning, 1st July. The schedule for the event with links to the panellists can be found on the MBS conference pages.

The workshop will be centred around Working Paper 2, co-written by postgraduate researchers in the department in November 2014. We always envisaged that the paper would be referenced in the workshop but in a new political climate, in which the Arts and Humanities are placed in an even more vulnerable position, the concerns raised in the paper seem more pertinent than before. We have therefore asked panellists to briefly respond to two different aspects of the working paper and then we will open up…

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