Gold Stars

Carrie Cariello

I do something called Crossfit five or six days a week.

You wouldn’t really know this to look at me. In fact, one of the trainers sort of suggested maybe I should stop telling people about Crossfit all the time. I’m not exactly the poster child for fitness.

Every morning, the WOD, or the Workout of the Day, is written on a large whiteboard in the front of the room. If you’re really lucky, your gym also posts it on Facebook the night before, so you can read it right before you go to bed and toss and turn all night long wondering how you are ever going to do a hundred double-unders without peeing yourself.

But maybe that’s just me.

A lot of the workouts are named after women: Elizabeth, Nancy, Annie, Jackie. They have yet to name one “Carrie,” but I think that’s because it would mostly include…

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