What Matters Most


Memory House Collection

By Bette Lee Crosby

What-Matters-Most-MHC-Ebook-188x300My Review

Louise and Clay Palmer have the perfect life, or so Louise thought, until Clay tells her his health is in jeopardy because of the stress of his job. He wants to pack up and move to the house in Florida that his uncle bequeathed to him.  He’s tired of his job, and he’s tired of shoveling snow. Clay wants to enjoy life.

Louise doesn’t want to move.  Why would anyone want to leave their family, the perfect home they’ve lived in all these years, and their friends and move to a place where they don’t know anyone?

Louise tries to sabotage the sale of their home so that they have no choice but to stay.  However, her efforts are in vain, and she and Clay pack up their belongings and move to Florida.  The story follows their adjustments to a new…

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