Spy pigeon may be a racer after all

Vicky Nanjappa

97a3ce55e09258b0f2712562ab3047a6The pigeon from Pakistan may be a racer bird after all. The pigeon which was found in Pathankot in Punjab was detained after some suspicious transcripts were found written on its wing.

It may be a racer pigeon after all the deputy inspector general of police of Pathankot informed while also assuring that the bird is being fed well. The bird now faces two possibilities- if found guilty investigations will continue to trace down the persons who sent the bird over. In case it is found to be innocent, the bird will have a good life in India. The police in Pathankot have been burning the mid night oil to find out whether this bird is a spy or a racer. All evidence so far suggest that the bird is a racer and there is not a single indication to show that it could be a spy from Pakistan. Read More:

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