Macarons: a Brief BEA 2015 Guide

The Daily Dahlia

macaronsHey, city-bound fellow book lovers! I’m sorry I couldn’t make this the beautiful, glorious post I had dreamed, but I have been super swamped lately and while macarons are my top priority, none of my bosses/editors seem to share that, oddly enough. So, pardon the quick and photo-less rundown; I’ll beautify it at some point if I can find the time.

Please note that there are many places in Manhattan that serve macarons, and branches of some of the places I’m listing to which I haven’t been. I can only work with what I know. Also, please note that while I do admittedly eat macarons that don’t officially have kosher supervision, I don’t eat them from anywhere that has a bacon-flavored macaron; you’re on your for those.

Also, you’re responsible for your own nutritional information details. Macarons are naturally gluten-free, but not everywhere that serves them is. They’re by and…

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