Smorgasbord Health update – The Gut Brain – the link to obesity.

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For those of you who followed the series on Sugars and Candida you might be interested in this research which is now linking the quality and type of bacteria in our gut to obesity.

Since I confirmed my suspicions that I was suffering from Candida Albicans 20 years ago and wrote about the link in my first book about weight loss, I have been following the various research programmes into the ‘gut brain’ as it is now referred to.

In my own experience with my weight and also having worked with morbidly obese men and women for the last 18 years I am convinced that the answer to being overweight is not only about the kinds of foods that we eat or do not eat but in the way that the food is processed by the body.

I am delighted that we are at last able to get some definitive…

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