Needed: Job for Budding Musicologist

Tales for Life


She thought it would be a fun change to be around more glamorous people than waiters and cooks, so she wondered how she could get a job at the hair salon. Elan, the one on the boulevard, attracted her most. When she passed the window and doorway, Helene was tantalized by the gold and blue decor, the warm lighting that made everyone inside look dewy and healthy. She saw a wall of wallpaper with white roses and blue bird cages with their doors flung open. The salon had a soft garden feel, nothing like she was used to experiencing at work.

She had looked for a new summer job ever since March but most were taken already, or she was underqualified. Helene was eighteen; she had only washed dishes at After Six, her uncle’s mediocre dinner club. She’d had enough of heavy lifting, stinging hot water and harsh soaps, rushing…

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