Moments from the journey 5

Books by Sharmishtha Basu




poem 5


All the angels were playing in heaven’s garden
when they noticed their darling friend
Compassion has been missing these games
since long, how long they did not know.

Love and friendship started to search
saw her sitting on a cloud.
Far away from bustling crowd
they tiptoed to her to startle.

Before they could, their hearts prevented
for she was gazing so hard down at earth below.
When they followed her gaze they noticed it too,
a speck of gentle light shining there.

Compassion saw them and beckoned
together they flew to earth.
The light was a gentle lady in plight
surrendered by evil shadows, invisible pits.

Every time a shadow tried to touch her
with its icy cold fingers or she moved
too close to one of the pits
compassion gently pulled her back.

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