Ilkley – Cee’s photo challenge

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

moors 023This picture was taken a couple of years ago. It was the first time I had set foot on my moors in many, many years. I was working for a logistics company as sales manager, but I helped out driving when they had a rush job.

For some strange reason the boss came in grinning that day. She had… I have no idea how… realised what my home county means to me. “Fancy a trip to Yorkshire?”

Pausing only to bite her hand off at the offer, I grabbed the keys to the van.

Next morning I was away before dawn… loaded the previous evening so I could get the earliest possible start. They didn;t need me back… expected me to take my time in fact.

It was one of those unexpected gifts that come from nowhere… and the delivery made, I drove to Ilkley where I walked once more…

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