Miniature Planters …Floral Friday


From time to time, I come across vintage, small figural planters.  They are the sort of knick-knacks that aren’t quite kitsch and not quite art pottery.  They have a certain flair that makes them worthy of display.  Today, I have two recent finds and one that’s been around for several years.  As usual, I like to use my artifacts rather than keeping them empty.

Images are clickable. Images are clickable.

The stylized blue bird is still unidentified.  At first I thought it might have been made by Shawnee, but the details and glaze say otherwise.  Tentatively, I’m thinking that it was manufactured by Royal Copely. Small coordinating blooms provide a low-key enhancement of the design.


Like most things from McCoy, this small planter, featuring two deer, is quite sturdy.  I placed some small evergreen sprigs into the opening then added tiny red details.  Even though I intended for this to be a year-around…

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