Macarons and More in The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

The Daily Dahlia

girlatmidnightI am super psyched to be taking part in the blog tour for Melissa Grey’s The Girl at Midnight, for a few reasons:

1) I absolutely loved this book. I know I’m not really a Fantasy person, and when I am it’s just about always High Fantasy, but this was such a massive exception for me. I just adored everything about it, especially the characters, chemistry, and banter.

2) Melissa is my homegirl, yo.

3) By homegirl, I mean “macaron buddy with whom I occasionally do absurdly delicious lunches at places like Ladurée,” so obviously I jumped at the opportunity to feature a post about the foods that appear in The Girl at Midnight, which you can read below!

One of the recurring comments I’ve been hearing from early readers of The Girl at Midnight runs along the lines of “This book made me hungry!” What can…

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