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041315_1920_joinmeinthe2The Lyre of Logres’.
In this book, author Alienora Taylor writes: “I use the lyre, and music generally, as a metaphor for our relationship with Mother Earth. The landscape is the lyre and it vibrates with the finger-plucks of all human actions and emotions. Each of the forty-five short stories sings a song of connection or alienation.”

Help Alienora make the Lyre of Logres sing…

Alienora Taylor is running a Thunderclap campaign to launch her new book. Please support her by joining in… it takes only a moment to add your name to share an automated Tweet, Facebook or Tumblr post… or all three is you choose! There is no more to it than that 🙂

The posts will go out on April 27th… Ali is hoping to have 100 people sign up to help… and she is almost hafway there! Only six days to go…

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