The Fire From Below

Cunning Hired Knaves

I was at an event last night in Connolly Books in Dublin to mark the passing of Eduardo Galeano. I did a reading of a couple of excerpts from an essay of his written in 1986. The essay was titled The Dictatorship and After: The Secret Wounds. One could pick anything written by Galeano and it would be worth reading aloud, but I chose these excerpts and translated them because I thought they had contemporary resonance in Ireland. Was I suggesting Ireland is turning into a dictatorship like Uruguay in the 1970s? I hope not.

In a letter in the same collection in which I came across the essay, Galeano replies to a Mexican editor about the idea he should write something about fascism in Latin America. Whereas some politicians in Ireland are all too quick to speak of fascism at the drop of a water balloon, Galeano is very scrupulous about…

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